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  • Margherita Amici

    Margherita Amici

    Writer with a mission: popularize technology issues. Blockchain & Crypto focused.

  • The Capital

    The Capital

    A publishing platform for professionals to see what’s trending in business, finance, and tech

  • Maxime Blondel

    Maxime Blondel

    Maxime Blondel aka Blondy 🤝 CEO at TheSecretCompany.co 🗝 From 0 to 10 million € ARR in 2 years — Also in love with 🪂🎸🤹‍♂️📝🐙🍹🕺

  • Réda Berrehili

    Réda Berrehili

    Computer Scientist & Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO @ Ki Foundation. Co-Founder & CTO @ Squarebreak (Acquired by Accorhotels).

  • Bitneur Token

    Bitneur Token

    Bitneur is a decentralized platform that solves all the entrepreneurship nightmares faced by entrepreneurs through its DAO “The Financier”. https://bitneur.co

  • Game Loot Network

    Game Loot Network

    Game Loot Network is the first real-rewards based Blockchain community, set to revolutionize the gaming industry.

  • Refereum


    Earn rewards for gaming — https://refereum.com/

  • SportsFix ICO

    SportsFix ICO

    This is the official channel for the Sportsfix ICO. We're changing the way you watch sports!

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