Why should I download Cartam? Magna Numeris’ philosophy behind Cartam

7.1 million active bitcoin users and almost 32 million bitcoin wallets have been set up globally since Dec 2018. Emerging markets users, who are often not considered in such statistics, are likely in the millions. These participants in the new alternative economy holding cryptocurrencies sadly have limited options and use cases. Currently it is very difficult to do much more than speculative investing/trading, and finally cashing out in fiat (euro, USD, etc.) or in stable coin to take profit — a long, complicated and fastidious procedure.

Learning curve of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has been created by Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto to create a new system of exchanging monetary value without any banks or third-party payment processors involved in the process. Blockchain technology is the basis for recording Bitcoin transactions. The innovative process means that Bitcoin does not require banks to transfer assets because the blockchain code keeps track of the transfers itself. Instead of having banks verify transactions of Bitcoin, the transaction record is completely public and the task of verifying transactions is crowdsourced.

At Magna Numeris, we care about your confidence in the usage of cryptocurrency and the barriers that it can also represent for people wanting to get involved when they don’t know that much about it.

Mixing In Real Life or human elements with digital interactions can make for better customer experiences, especially in sectors where customer acquisition requires education, tutorials or personalization. Financial institutions, for example, often have trouble moving past servicing customer needs online to selling to consumers online and building a relationship with them.

“For someone who never possessed any cryptocurrency or a low experienced user, using such technology can become a nightmare and can be scary due to the financial fiat counter value of cryptocurrencies. Also, as millions of cryptocurrency users already exist around the world, we were shocked in 2017 that nobody had found a solution yet to increase the ability to use these digital assets. It was always kind of DIY when you wanted to transact with digital assets when it is not trading”

Rayane Hocine, CEO at Magna Numeris

Customers new shopping behaviors

Some barriers to engagement can be overcome with consumer education or by the value of the purchasing experience. Buy online and pick up in-store (BOPUS) — a purchase journey that in the UK is often called click-and-collect — is just picking up steam in the US.

It requires customer training, says PwC US principal Tom Johnson, who primarily serves retailers and consumer packaged goods companies. “BOPUS is a whole new experience,” Johnson says.

A PwC survey (source: Blockchain and freedom of expression, PwC, 2019) also confirms that smartphones have become the go-to technology for online shopping, with 24% of their global sample using a mobile phone to shop at least weekly, compared with 23% using a desktop and 16% using a tablet. They have been conducting this study for a decade, and this year was the first study which showed mobile phones are being used more than other digital devices.

This shows a shift away from the physical stores, or online consumer purchasing models. Today, through the use of technology a hybrid model combining the use of technology and in-person shopping is becoming the norm. The PwC research is very interesting because it shows that consumers of the traditional retail market are shifting towards this new hybrid model. The new model is even picking up steam within the peer-to-peer marketplace platforms. For example, LetGo users use the application to find goods or products to buy and then meet in person to conclude the trade.

Why should I download Cartam?

That’s why we created the mobile app Cartam, a truly user-friendly app allowing you to easily & safely:

  • Buy goods using cryptocurrency; Reason: to avoid expensive payment processing fees.
  • Sell goods for cryptocurrency; Reason: to earn cryptocurrency without investing cash.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiat in cash; Reason: to transact in a protected ecosystem with low commission fees.
  • Visualize shops around you accepting cryptocurrency as a payment solution. Reason: to be able to use cryptocurrencies directly and simply.
  • Visualize, send and receive cryptocurrency without barriers or fees (network fees still apply) through the clear interface wallet in-app, with cryptocurrencies directly stored on your phone.
  • Transact efficiently with anybody and without any knowledge requirement due to our built-in assistant (with smart contracts).

More than a marketplace to transact, or a wallet to manage finance, we want our service to serve its community, to be a hub for cryptocurrency users around the globe. We want Cartam to be the Blockchain app reference for any cryptocurrency user. We took several months to do and redo our ScreenFlow, concept, in order to increase the ergonomy of navigation and therefore the overall functionality for users.

If you want to use the app and you don’t understand how to do something or to navigate, it would mean we didn’t achieve our objective.

The Magna Numeris team believes that the progression of the cryptocurrency & blockchain wave will only be pushed further not by few big companies or big influencers, but instead a tsunami of billions of people using them in a decentralized way, in a distributed environment, and an environment safer and easier to understand.

All of this means that a new monetary system will be created, one where the participants have a stake and ownership, not just the financial institutions.

You deserve a dedicated quality platform for using cryptocurrencies, and we will continue to work on Cartam app hand to hand with users to deliver it.

If you are eager to learn more about the project and us please visit our website and our social media profiles:






Magna Numeris and Cartam are registered trademarks

Magna Numeris is a startup developing solutions for cryptocurrency users, pushing the boundaries of conventional platforms to help grow the peer-to-peer economy

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Magna Numeris

Magna Numeris

Magna Numeris is a startup developing solutions for cryptocurrency users, pushing the boundaries of conventional platforms to help grow the peer-to-peer economy

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