Why should I download Cartam? Magna Numeris’ philosophy behind Cartam

Learning curve of cryptocurrencies

Customers new shopping behaviors

Why should I download Cartam?

  • Buy goods using cryptocurrency; Reason: to avoid expensive payment processing fees.
  • Sell goods for cryptocurrency; Reason: to earn cryptocurrency without investing cash.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiat in cash; Reason: to transact in a protected ecosystem with low commission fees.
  • Visualize shops around you accepting cryptocurrency as a payment solution. Reason: to be able to use cryptocurrencies directly and simply.
  • Visualize, send and receive cryptocurrency without barriers or fees (network fees still apply) through the clear interface wallet in-app, with cryptocurrencies directly stored on your phone.
  • Transact efficiently with anybody and without any knowledge requirement due to our built-in assistant (with smart contracts).



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Magna Numeris

Magna Numeris


Magna Numeris is a startup developing solutions for cryptocurrency users, pushing the boundaries of conventional platforms to help grow the peer-to-peer economy